Where is God in your suffering?

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My mom’s life changed when we had our first boy, Micah, six years ago. She fell in love with him and tried desperately to will herself to health so that she could spend 2-3 day stretches at our house, playing and loving on him. My mom and I were able to spend much more time together and the majority of it was spent talking about the Bible and about Christ. She soaked in the Word of God and read the whole Bible several times, listened to countless sermons, and asked incredibly thoughtful and challenging questions. In honor of those talks with her, in honor of her and for the honor of Christ, I would like to spend a few minutes on an issue that we talked about many times. As most of you know, I am an engineer who sits in a cube all day. I am not a pastor or a very good speaker. My qualifications are simple. I know God. I love God and I know and love His Word. I have written this message out as I know it may be difficult to get through. Thank you all very much for being here and hearing this message.

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