Comments on NPNF1-02. St. Augustin's City of God and Christian Doctrine

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Cicero's City

St. Augustine's erased Cicero's Republic and wrote his own work over the text. In this way, his City of God is modeled on the ideal Republic.

His ideas, in that sense, were pillaged from Rome. Moreover, they took away, for a long time, Cicero's ideas from the world.

The Republic is Cicero's most important work, and holds the key not only to the reason for the famous fall of the republic, but to its height. Had we had this work through the long dark centuries, perhaps we would not be at this pass now, with the world's republics warring, rather than respecting a higher law.

In addition, the text that we were able to recover is fragmented. Therefore, although we can gather from Cicero's texts that the wars of the U.S. at the beginning of the 21st century illegal, a more definitive copy would more definitively allow us to determine that with even more authority.

As if Caesar hadn't already done enough damage to both the Republic and Cicero's reputation, Augustine compounded this by disguising the words of the the greatest statesman of all time.

This has brought us to this dangerous pass now. Thankfully, Cicero can still enlighten us, no thanks to Augustine.