Predestination: enigma or mystery to be revealed

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There are many books on the subject of predestination and most of them present the questions surrounding God's sovereignty and human free will as impossible problems that only the gifted can understand. Augustine, Aquinas, Molina, Arminius and Calvin, and later scholars all presented cogent systems under which the doctrine could be understood. Personally, I am on a research quest investigating this area of theology and I have come to some initial conclusions that I would like to share. In the Lord's prayer, we are instructed to ask that God's will be done. We are also taught as Christians to obey God and choose His ways over ours. The process of conforming our free-wills to God's is how I believe God shares His power and dominion with us in order for man to fulfill his ultimate purpose in bringing all of Creation into the Glory of God. I cannot accept the premise that we are merely the instruments of God's preordained destiny and that whatever happens, be it good or evil, is the outworking of God's will apart from our cooperation. The future can be changed and it is precisely in the realm of time that we are to work together with God to realize His perfect vision for us and the world. God chooses to share His authority with us in prayer and action as the means by which He also shares His love with us as free will beings given the moral choice to serve Him. Without our free will consent given, God will not and perhaps cannot fulfill His awesome plan for Creation and the Redemption of mankind. Therefore, there is no room for believing that all is determined beforehand and that we cannot participate in and change the outcome of God's perfect will. This is how I explain the phenomenon of evil and reject the unyielding determinism of some proponents of predestination. That God from eternity can see the outcome does not mean that in His Foreknowledge and Providence He cannot influence or directly and indirectly change the future but it is my conviction that He will rarely do that if He can avoid violating our free wills. What is your opinion regarding these questions? and, How do you think I have misspoken if at all?

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