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Augustine's City of God

Welcome to our reading and study group, and thank you for joining us. Right now we're making our way through the early books of Augustine's City of God. Take a few moments to scroll through the open threads or even introduce yourself. If you have a thought or question that you would like to share but aren't sure where to post it, I recommend visiting the Open Discussion thread.

What to expect: I try to post 1-2 times a week with a summary of pertinent material, along with my own thoughts, reactions, and questions, though I am not always successful in this goal. Members are encouraged to submit their own reactions, thoughts, questions, or other materials as frequently as they would like, independently or in response to what has already been posted.

Our primary text is Marcus Dods' 1871 translation of Augustine's City of God. Occasionally we may consult alternative translations for clarity.

Interdenominational studies can be rewarding but difficult. Posters are encouraged to observe forum etiquette.

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Forum discussions and group studies at the CCEL have been an important resource in my own development as a Christian. It's a remarkable thing, to carry on a global conversation about the faith with the whosoever will. Depending on the size of our membership, it may be impractical for me to respond personally to every post, but I hope to be able to interact closely with those who want to closely engage Augustine's City of God. Join me in prayer for the success of this effort, and may God bless your interest in the literature of the Church.

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City of God: Book 1

Argument: Augustine censures the pagans, who attributed the calamities of the world, and especially the recent sack of Rome by the Goths, to the Christian religion, and its prohibition of the worship of the gods. He speaks of the blessings and ills of life, which then, as always, happened to good and bad men alike. Finally, he rebukes the shamelessness of those who cast up to the Christians that their women had been violated by soldiers.

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City of God: Open Discussion

General comments or questions about Augustine's City of God go here. This is also a good place to ask general questions or open up topics related to City of God that don't fit elsewhere in the group.

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Getting Started: The Basics

Reading Intentions

Week 1: City of God 1.1-38
Week 2: City of God 2.1-29
Week 3: City of God 3.1-31
Week 4: City of God 4.1-33
Week 5: City of God 5.1-26
Week 6: City of God 6.1-12
Week 7: City of God 7…. And so forth.

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