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Thoughts on the News

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Christian jailed over conscientious objection

USA? Jailed for refusing to perform a task that is against your faith?

But while the clerk sits in jail gay marriage licenses are being issued by her office. So I am wondering why she is jailed? The fact that they are issuing licenses proves they could have granted her a religious accommodation.

Did you think that our Constitution or at least our Bill of Rights protected religious freedom? Judge says laws of land trumps God's laws and your conscience.

This is just the first step. Adventists interpret Revelation 13--where it speaks of a lamb-like beast that speaks as the dragon--as the USA which makes laws forcing people to worship the false christ on penalty of death. Those who do worship the beast or receive his mark of authority are met with the undiluted wrath of God--that is, pure justice without mercy. We thought this could never happen in the USA but here it has already started. If the Bible is right, and the Bible is never wrong, the day will come when you will have to choose between obeying God or obeying man at peril of life.

To learn more look up The Great Controversy by Ellen White here on CCEL. Remember the video left for those who were not taken in the movie Left Behind? Well, this will be the "video" in book form.

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