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Thoughts on the News

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I'm enjoying a good read of Andrew Murray's "Humility and Absolute Surrender," which has me thinking about practical responses to things like you've raised here.

My initial reaction is of the flesh, of course. Anger, outrage, etc. But when we consider these things, the ultimate question we must ask is, how would God have me respond? We know biblically that He is the eternal judge and will defend His people. We know that He is sovereign to do and allow what He will. So, from a correct world-view we must look for His purpose in this. We may not find it, being as limited as we are. From the comments made by this so-called pastor (and there are many) I would first wonder if He's a Christian. If so, he should probably not be pastoring anyone. Also, when a Christian makes a public statement, they must consider their words and position carefully. The safest way to make a public statement is to use God's Words, not ours. These sinful people need Jesus - it's that simple. All who do not know Him are deprived of all goodness and meaning in life. It's not surprising that they act as sinful human beings.

For followers of Christ, our trust must be rooted in our Father. When human beings (Christian or not) say dumb things or do evil things, our first and best option is to appeal to our Father. We can't control anything. So, we must appeal to the God who reigns to bring about His good will and work.

Focusing our attention too much on men will ultimately lead to disappointment and frustrations (including focusing on ourselves). If we have some meaningful thing we can do to right the wrongs done, we should do it. But if we can't do anything about a misled pastor five thousand miles away, we should consider doing something about the flesh we carry around until glory.