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Thoughts on the News

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Egyptian Coptics Beheaded by ISIS

I am overwhelmed by shock and disgust over what is happening to Christianity in the Middle East but the persecution is to be expected. I am also not entirely sure that our President can be trusted in this area since he has refused to even use the word "Christian" in public statements when describing the victims. I was never in favor of going to war with Islam since 9/11 and I believe as Christians we are not to violently resist evil however organized and ideological it may be. But this current wave of extremist militant Islam reminds me of the rise of Nazi power in Europe and we all know how many people had to die before that was over. The reality is that ISIS will kill anyone, Jew, Christian, Muslim or atheist, or anyone else who does not agree with them. Truthfully, I am at a loss as to what to believe or feel about this.

Tom Groeneman