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bigotry rears its ugly head

The injustices you describe Jeff have been our problem since Cain slew Abel and the intolerance you point out on the part of extreme religionists persists in our culture in much more subtle and insidious ways. Your polemics against the Catholic Church notwithstanding, religious, racial and cultural bigotry is practiced by all humans in one way or another. I cannot count the number of times I was attacked and brutalized for being a German and a Catholic here in America. 16th century France may be the most egregious example that counts for more in your mind but what about the not so distant past wherein the Ku KLux Klan waged war against African Americans, Jews and Catholics. Maybe you do not realize that those who practice intolerance will not stop at just selected sub-groups but will persecute anyone who is not like them. There was a poster in the Gospel of John study group who blamed the Catholic Church for WWII and the Nazis as well. I would sincerely ask you Jeff: Do you feel somewhat morally superior when you judge the traditional Church for her faults? How different is your bias against the Catholic Church from the violent hatred of Muslims for the west? In the last four or five posts I have read by you in these forums, you have said something demeaning and negative about the Catholic Church. Is this God's love being expressed that is going to conquer the militant hatred of Islam? Prejudice against Catholics is okay by you I guess despite the forum posting guidelines. For the record, exactly how many Huguenots were killed by Catholics? How many Catholics have been persecuted by Protestants? Since these numbers mean so much to you, will keeping a tally of the dead like our media does help fight the intolerance? The harsh reality is that the hatred we allow ourselves will come back to us and it is only a matter of time before political correctness, secular progressives and Sharia law comes after all of us if we disagree with them. The Nazis started with the mentally ill and homosexuals and then the Jews and Slavs. We were next. When I visited the Holocaust museum in D.C., my perspective was changed forever. Peace.

Tom Groeneman