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Thoughts on the News

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Je Suis Charlie. I am Charlie.

Terrible loss of life has occurred recently in Paris. 17 lives tragically ended in the name of religion. Some would like to call it radical.

Reminds me of another time. It was Paris, 1572, St. Bartholomew's Day. Not a radical group but rather a mainline religion orchestrated a season of slaughtering Protestant Huguenots in the name of religion. Some estimates exceed 100,000. Historians say the blood flowed like rivers in the streets. There was no voice in the Vatican to renounce these acts as radical, extreme, or 'abominable'. Perhaps they excused the atrocities as provocation rightly redressed. When news of the Massacre reached the Vatican there was jubilation! Cannons roared—bells rung—and a special commemorative medal was struck—to honor the occasion! The Pope commissioned Italian artist Vasari to paint a mural of the Massacre—which still hangs in the Vatican!

I am surprised that people are surprised at Jihad, Sharia, or Caliphate. Surprised that they are shocked. Surprised that they want to call it radical. Yet the historical equivalence of Jihad is The Crusades. The equivalence of Caliphate is the Papacy. And Sharia... Dogma. Any time religion and politics are mingled under one roof there is trouble.

Why are we so shocked at this religious violence. We have a long history of religious "radicalism." The Jews persecuted the Christians. Catholicism persecuted Protestants. The Church of England persecuted Catholics then Protestants. And then this same persecution continued in the New World populated largely by those fleeing religious persecution.

No, we should not be surprised. But we should be thankful for religious freedom, especially of the quality established by the founders of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. God moved godly, political men to recognize that civil and religious entities must be kept separate--that the church aught not control the state nor the state control the church.

What are your thoughts?

Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions. -Proverbs 18:2 NIV