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re: Thievery continues.

Yes, thievery continues because it continues to be profitable. God's law, as given to Moses, made it unprofitable, as I pointed out in my previous post. A fellow worker, back in my days of employment, held up a bank with no mask; and he simply held his hand in his pocket so as to look like he was pointing a hidden gun. He was arrested, of course, and then didn't have to work for a living for quite some time. Reparations, in full or in part, made by the government don't come out of the pocket of the thief. It therefore has no restricting qualities to make a thief change his/her ways. Further, the tax payer pays for the crime, not the criminal. What's wrong with this picture? Reparations made by the offender, whether accidental or intentional, cost the offender and save the other person from loss. God's way beats our government's way every time.

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