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Thoughts on the News

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Thank you, Jeff, for the posts and insights. Also, it's good to hear from you again after a considerable silent period.

I think you have brought out an excellent view of current affairs. It seems the police are always wrong. The high-speed chase, for instance. If an accident occurs from a high-speed chase, the police are considered by the public as being at fault for chasing. Why does the public not blame the criminal who is speeding down the highway to get away from the police?? It is because, as you pointed out, the time has come when humanity is thinking backwards from God's view. It goes on in world affairs as well, as we wage war to produce peace. We tax more heavily to produce a better economy. Actors and athletes are paid far more than neurosurgeons, because entertainment is far more important than good health. And on and on. HUH????

But I think you are right in that enforcement of small offenses would improve the situation on larger offenses. Also, if we used the Old Testament system of restitution, much of crime would become unproductive and less appealing. For example, what would be the profit in stealing if the offense brought about a restitution of the amount taken, plus an added amount from 100 to 500 percent of the stolen value, plus a shed blood offering? And, contrary to the American way of doing things, the restitution went to the victim, not the government!!

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