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Numeric New Testament translation: Anthing wrong with it?

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If you've read some of it and found anything that seems wrong, please reply. I realize some words are not in it that were in the King James but I haven't found them a problem in that I didn't find them taking anything away. Please read the explanation from Ivan Panin and especially the math involved in choosing the words he chose. Its quite fascinating. Areas that I'm more familiar with seem to have much more power than the King James (for me) but I'd like to hear from others.

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Doug, if you've read any of

Doug, if you've read any of the Numeric version, let us know how it compares with your favorite version. I find the Numeric quite close to the KJ but when I really study the words closely, the Numeric always (to me) has more focus, clarity and just seems to bring me closer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Which is the whole point of course. Ivan Panin uses math to choose between possibilities of words. God is a rather good mathematician. Panin found 30 patterns in the first verse of the Bible! The language would have had to be designed before those words were written for that to occur I think. I love the way Panin proves the Bible couldn't have possibly been made up by men, especially as the math in the Bible was only discovered about 100 years ago. Another one of God's masterpieces that we discover if we peel away the layers obscuring said treasures.