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Amen to that, friend.

I have been going through this big struggle with sin, as a saved Christian. Its almost 3 years since I first asked the Lord to help me "overcome" my sins, and when I first prayed seriously about it, I expected Him to simply make me stronger and stronger.
Instead, to my utter bewilderment, I found that the Lord did not step in and "strengthen" me at all! Instead he seemed to be standing aloof, watching from a distance as I tried and failed, then tried harder and failed even worse, etc etc... until just a few months ago, I got to the point where I knew deep within myself that I was a total wretch who could NEVER, EVER, by any amount of effort, overcome my sins. Sin was too strong for me.
But why hadn't God helped me when I asked Him to? This puzzled me. It threw my faith into real doubt. This is a VERY difficult and painful journey to go through.
But God knew exactly what he was doing with me. He had to let me see my helplessness, and make me lose every last bit of confidence in my own efforts.
Then, just at the right moment, the Holy Spirit led me to this book by Mr Nee, and the Lord opened my eyes to see the truth that I have died with Christ. What a revelation! I had read this stuff loads of times before in Romans, but until now, I never grasped what Paul was really saying.

This has all happened to me very recently, in fact it is still happening. I am still re-reading this book (and the Bible too, of course), and I am still falling many times, at this stage. BUT, now I feel that the Lord has given me "the big breakthrough", He has given me the Truth that will set me free, as I continue to believe God's Word, and count upon it as true, regardless of my feelings.
The Blood of Jesus cleanses me from EVERY sin, so I shall not allow the evil one to accuse me when I fail, any more. Enough of that nonsense! I'm going to pick myself up, count on what Christ has accomplished and finished on the cross, knowing that sanctification is GOD's work, not mine, and it's all for HIS glory, not mine.
What huge riches Christ has given to us! Praise His name!