Comments on New Life: Words of God for Young Disciples

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Some False Bible References

Unfortunately many of the Bible references in this version of Murray's "New Life: Words of God for Young Disciples" are either nonexistant (e.g. Heb 7:29 when that chapter has only 28 verses!) or totally off topic and irrelevant to the text. I haven't verified whether this affects the entire book, but it is the case in chapter one: The New Life.

At least some of these false references (or possibly all) have been corrected in another free online version of the book to be found here:
The Bible references in this version have been moved to the footnotes rather than being in the main text as is the case with the ccel version.

God bless, Anthony

PS: Correct references outnumber those that are false and despite this complaint the book is certainly worthwile. Don't let this comment deter from reading.