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Prayer is like breathing

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Do you find it difficult to pray, or do you find prayer as natural as breathing?

For some, it seems to us that prayer is as they air they breathe, rising from the heart, a continual fragrant offering to God.

For others, it feels like a task, difficult to get past handing God a "to do" list.

We want move from a "Honey-Do" type of prayer life to a continual stream of communication with God.

Share some things you have found helpful in growing in prayer. We may explore these ideas more fully in future discissions.

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Future discussions

Brother Lawrence's method of prayer will make a great future discussion. http://www.ccel.org/ccel/lawrence The Jesus Prayer will also. Both of the above have been helpful to my growth in prayer, especially The Jesus Prayer. I'd like to learn more about the other authors you mentioned. Are those books in print or available for online readng? Thanks for sharing your personal experiences with us. We can learn so much from one another!