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Prayer is like breathing

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Do you find it difficult to pray, or do you find prayer as natural as breathing?

For some, it seems to us that prayer is as they air they breathe, rising from the heart, a continual fragrant offering to God.

For others, it feels like a task, difficult to get past handing God a "to do" list.

We want move from a "Honey-Do" type of prayer life to a continual stream of communication with God.

Share some things you have found helpful in growing in prayer. We may explore these ideas more fully in future discissions.

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John Wesley

For someone who grew up in a Weslyan denomination, The Church of the Nazarene, I've had very little exposure to Wesley. I haven't pursued him, probably because I thought I "knew" him based on my church background, but having attended a Methodist church in recent years, where Wesley is a major focal point, I've come to realize the Nazarenes only give him lip service. He deserves more than that. I've added him to my "to read" list. It sounds as if the book you mention is an anthology. CCEL does have several of his books, here: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/wesley Let me know when you're ready to comment on Wesley's or Guyon's books more fully and I'll create a thread based on whichever you're ready to discuss. Those should keep us busy for awhile!