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Prayer is like breathing

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Do you find it difficult to pray, or do you find prayer as natural as breathing?

For some, it seems to us that prayer is as they air they breathe, rising from the heart, a continual fragrant offering to God.

For others, it feels like a task, difficult to get past handing God a "to do" list.

We want move from a "Honey-Do" type of prayer life to a continual stream of communication with God.

Share some things you have found helpful in growing in prayer. We may explore these ideas more fully in future discissions.

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Madam Guyon

Madam Guyon's writings are truly a deep resource on prayer. I read her autobiography in my 30s and was rather overwhelmed by her commitment to suffering/ abandonment. I think I tried rather TOO hard as a result. But that is me. Perhaps I already had that bent to self abandonment and life itself has offered me plenty of suffering. Someone more narcissistic might reach a more balanced place, spiritually, through studying her life. Oswald Chambers was surgical enough for me! That said, I agree with you in recommending her. Here is a link to her page on CCEL: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/guyon Her instruction in prayer is very useful. I benefitted greatly from reading her "Short and Easy Method of Prayer." If one is emotionally fragile and prone to excessive self sacrifice or far too much critical introspection, skip the autobiography until you're stronger, but do read "Short and Easy."