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Book of Acts Study Group

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Each week members of this study group will be examining a section of the Book of Acts. Our leader, Greg, will post what section of Acts is being discussed along with weekly questions.

About this Group

This study group is intended to learn more of God's word better. We ask that members use their real names in this group because this is a Biblical Study group and we are all in the Body of Christ. As such we should know eachother's real names and shouldn't hide behind nicknames.


Study groups are all about communicating by 'posting' one's thought and questions in an online forum. It’s very simple to post: just click “Reply” to an existing post and type out your response. When you’re ready, click “Preview,” check your post, and the click “Post.” Your comment should both appear in the forum AND be mailed out to individuals how choose to have posts emailed to them. If you want to add a brand-new comment to a thread of conversation, click “Add new comment,” and follow the same drill.

Group Guidelines

To keep things working smoothly, everyone is expected to follow a few guidelines. (1) Most importantly, study groups are intended to be uplifting and positive. Offensive, critical, mean-spirited, and demeaning posts will not be tolerated. (2) Try to keep your responses on-subject; if things go too far afield from the study of Acts, you might get a reminder from a group moderator to stay on task (and/or the post might be deleted). Occasionally, individuals and the conversation might get a little side-tracked, and that's all right. Advertising for products and services, however, is not acceptable. (3) ALL group members are expected to 'introduce' themselves by posting a brief description about themselves. These introductions might include first name, interests, and expectations for this study group.


If you need assistance with something related to this study group, you may contact the group leader (Greg) or me (Ken Verhulst) at ccel@calvin.edu. If you sign up for this group but don't want to receive an email message every time something new is posted, you can make the necessary adjustments by editing your account information.


*See Introduction posts

Should you decide to leave this group...

Rather than asking to be removed from this group, we ask that you remove yourself at any time. Here are the instructions for doing so: (1) Be sure to be logged onto your CCEL account. (2) Enter the group you desire to quit. (Go to the COMMUNITY TAB on the CCEL home page and select STUDY GROUPS). (3) At the top left margin look for "My Subscription". (4) Click on the link and on the next page there should be a link "Unsubscribe from this group", click on that link. This will remove your group access and delete you from that group's email list.

Member Introductions

Starting the Book of Acts Study Group

WELCOME! We would like to take a moment to welcome each of you to the Book of Acts Study Group.

This group will officially start in early July. Currently we are promoting the group, signing folks up, and letting group members introduce themselves in this "Member Introduction" thread.

Click on the reply link below, and tell us your name, a little something about yourself, and any expectations, hopes, of suggestions you have for this book study on the Acts.