John 21:16

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In John 21:16, Jesus asked Simon Peter "Do you love me more than these" and Peter replied 3x that "Yes, Lord; You know that I love you." Why did Jesus asked Peter same question 3x? What kind of love Jesus is asking to Peter?

Correction: yes and oh what acceptance

I love the play on words here. Peter was consistent all three times in saying you know I love (phileo) you. Peter was also grieved after the third time Jesus questioned his priorities and loyalty. This time though Peter does not waver as the night Jesus died. He had denied the Savior three times in a row and at one point said he didn't know the man. Where Peter had once said you are the Christ he then said I don't know the man. The event of denial was burned in Peter's memory for he had felt the eyes of the Master look right into his soul - and he wept bitterly. You know I love you Jesus though I denied you. I was afraid but I really do love you - I know it now but what use am I. I no longer claim a higher morality than I have but stand before you as one who knows he has failed YOU. This is a person Jesus can use: honest and bankrupt and just as he is before the Savior. Jesus is not done with Peter and even prophesies how he will die ... Energized by the Savior and at an older age Peter will die with the very courage he failed to show at Jesus darkest hour.

What acceptance and what hope we have.

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