John 21:16

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In John 21:16, Jesus asked Simon Peter "Do you love me more than these" and Peter replied 3x that "Yes, Lord; You know that I love you." Why did Jesus asked Peter same question 3x? What kind of love Jesus is asking to Peter?

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God is Love and Love never leaves or forsakes us - As Peter found out in his journey of new life - greater love lays down their own life for the lives of others. Jesus was pointing to the Love of God that begins with the seed of fraternal love of man. As the seed falls into the ground and dies, many more are there. The process of a seed is to be buried in the earth, covered with manure and dirt, watered - the seed dies and the life within it is 'born' - a rose seed bears many roses, and so it is with us. As our fraternal love is sown, and dies (Paul says I die daily) God's love arises in us through Christ in us our hope of Glory. Once we die to our self-centeredness and selfishness, the true Love/agape - who was always with us comes forth because of our choice. Love never fails or forsakes - it is our choice to believe and receive and wake up.