Theophilus to Autolycus: Book I, p. 93

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Taking from ANTE-NICENE FATHERS, VOL. 2, THEOPHILUS TO AUTOLYCUS, Translated by the Rev. Marcus Dods, A.M., BOOK I, p. 93 and from, Early Christian Writings, Theophilus of Antioch, , “But to the unbelieving and despisers, who obey not the truth, but are obedient to unrighteousness, when they shall have been filled with adulteries and fornications, and filthiness, and covetousness, and unlawful idolatries, there shall be anger and wrath, tribulation and anguish, and at the last everlasting fire shall possess such men.

Rick Rogers translates: "To the unbelieving, who despise and disobey the truth but obey unrighteousness, when they are full of adulteries and fornication and homosexual acts and greed and lawless idolatry, there will come wrath and anger, tribulation and anguish, and finally eternal fire."

I was unable to find the original language of this sentence. To complete my research regarding the validation of the translation, "homosexual acts" I need the original text, in Greek. So, I welcome any discussion regarding this question of differing translations.

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It may be that Rick Rogers was embellishing his translation from the original language of your text. But I would suggest that you rely on the Biblical texts to gain understanding of any doctrinal questions you might have regarding faith and morals. I know that the New Testament word sometimes translated as homosexuality is the Greek word porneia from which the English terms fornication and pornography are derived. The more general phrase sexual immorality is best I think in summarizing what the inspired writers had in mind however.

Tom Groeneman