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Age of the earth and World Protestantism

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I just commented on a post dealing with the age of the earth and what the majority of the early church fathers believed. And the work of the scientist Dr. Jonathan Sarfati was brought up. Namely, the book Refuting Evolution which discusses the age of the earth (see: http://creation.com/how-old-is-the-earth ).

I have been reading about how the center of gravity for Christendom has been shifting away from the Western World to the global south/Eastern World.

Does anyone know how big of an issue the age of the earth among Protestants in Latin America? Asia? Africa?

I don't think the old earth dating methods like radiometric dating are reliable. Also, the world is full of global flood myths and they are remarkably similar to the account of Noah's flood given in the Bible. Furthermore, I don't see how you can squeeze billions and billions of years into the first two chapters of Genesis. Sound biblical exegesis strongly points to the days of Genesis being 24 hour days.