Spring Schedule & Chat

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It's spring... well, almost!

Here's a peek at our schedule of Psalm study for the weeks ahead!

As you volunteer I will edit this post accordingly. You can volunteer for 1 week, or 2 weeks in sequence depending on whether your chosen Psalm is short or long, or if you are leading 2 or 3 sequential Psalms.

For your information, here are the Psalms we've already covered, or have on the schedule:

1, 9, 10, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 42, 43, 46, 50, 51, 71, 91, 100, 111, 119, 121, 122, 137, 139, 144

You may not choose to repeat one of the above Psalms, unless it is listed as "volunteer needed". All others are still options!

If a Psalm is scheduled for only 1 week, you may volunteer to do a week 2 immediately following week 1 if the schedule is still open for that.


March 10 - Doug -Psalm 137
March 17 - Doug - Psalm 137

March 24 - Donna - Psalm 121 & 122
March 31 - Donna - Psalm 121 & 122

April 7 - Psalm 91- Angela

April 14 - Psalm 91 - Angela

April 21 - break

April 28 - Psalm 25 - Robyn

May 5 - Psalm 25 - Robyn

May 12 - Psalm 26 - C.B. Shepherd

May 19 - Psalm 27 - Doug

May 26 - Psalm 27 - Doug

June 2 Psalm 28 - Doug

June 9 - Psalm 28 - Doug

June 16 - break

June 23 - Psalm 29 - Praise week

June 30 - Psalm 30 - Testimony week

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Dr. G

It was a privilege to meet Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus and his wife in the late '70's. He was the founder of International Board of Jewish Missions. Thought you might enjoy an excerpt from his testimony:

"I was born, reared and educated in the strictest of orthodox Jewish homes, and at the early age of three years I began to attend the Jewish schools of learning. My parents had already dedicated me to become a rabbi. Every time I went out of the house I would turn to the left - never to the right - for there was a church on the right, and my mother would tell me never go near a church. My father warned me not to even look at a church. Every time the name of Jesus was mentioned, I placed my fingers in my ears to make sure I would not hear it a second time. Never did I hear a Jewish person utter that Name, for it was considered a grave sin to do so.

"Later, as a young man, I decided to spend a day with my older brother before leaving Austria for America. He had been in Vienna several years studying and had graduated from two famous rabbinical schools. As soon as I arrived, he told me of an experience that had changed his life. One day, he said, as he was strolling along a busy street, a strange man, standing on the corner, greeted him and handed him a little book. He thanked the man, but when he opened it, he noticed that it was that forbidden book written in Hebrew, the New Covenant (Testament)

"At first he wanted to return it, or tear it up. But curiosity got the best of him, so he hid it in his coat pocket and behind locked doors, began to read it. He was surprised, as are most Jews, to find on the very first page such familiar names as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He read to the fifth chapter of Matthew which contains the Sermon on the Mount. That impressed him. How can that be a book of sin when it contains such marvelous sayings? How can Jesus be an impostor when He taught such wonderful things? He called people to repentance and faith in God!

"We had quite a discussion while I was there, and I remember saying to him as I left, "You may believe in that Man, but I would rather die than believe in Him" I left my brother heartbroken.

"After arriving in the United States, I received a letter from my brother in which he pleaded me to search The Scriptures. I tore it up. Three more letters came and I tore them up as well. Then, he came to live with me. I told him if we were to live in peace, he must not say anything about his new found 'religion.' Days passed and my brother never said a word. But I noticed he had something I did not have - a peace that the world cannot give or take away.

"I decided to go to the only reliable source - The Bible. I spent hours and hours comparing Old Testament prophecy with New Testament fulfillment. I remember spending a whole night searching The Scriptures, and likewise the next day. I was wrapped up in it and did not even take time to eat.

Then, a change took place in me, and I exultantly shouted, "I have found Him! I have found The Messiah!"