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I've very recently registered because of a particular interest in the Brenton LXX The footnotes containing Greek text use the SPYonic font. Is this CCEL policy or something a bit more individualistic? I ask, because use of a UTF-8 font would allow the notes to be copied and pasted rathere than the need for the Greek to be re-typed to use in e-mails etc. As an example, "Gr. νυμφαγωγός." copies and pastes as "Gr. numfagwgo/j."

Sorry to ask such a newbie questions.

God bless, Barry Drake.

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Thanks - I'll look forward to seeing a Bible in ThMl. I've read through the ThMl description, but the Bible markup is not there, so I've not got very far.

I've now completed footnotes in all of the books that are complete on CCEL Brenton. All except for Isaiah have been placed on and are available in usfm and OSIS. My edits are in the usfm files from which Michael has generated the OSIS. I have completed Isaiah and will e-mail it to Michael later today. Only the first 44 chapters are finished on CCEL so that is where I have got up to.

I'm waiting for a hard-copy version of Brenton to come through the post before I can go any further as the scans on CCEL are not easily readable and I'll be wasting a lot of time using them. I've tried - and then invested in the book! Please feel free to take anything you want from the site. The completed books with footnotes on the site so far are: Gen Exod Numbers - but only to v14 Proverbs Joel Obadiah Haggai and Malachi. I expect that Michael will put Isaiah up there within a few days even though it is not complete.

I've tested the usfm by converting to OSIS myself and making a Sword module. This has shown up errors in the usfm which I've corrected. It's also given me chance to check through the notes a chapter or two at a time.

I'm sure if the work gets on to the CCEL site, the CCEL proofreaders will find lots that I need to alter!

God bless, Barry.

Barry Drake MA - Retired URC minister.