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I've very recently registered because of a particular interest in the Brenton LXX The footnotes containing Greek text use the SPYonic font. Is this CCEL policy or something a bit more individualistic? I ask, because use of a UTF-8 font would allow the notes to be copied and pasted rathere than the need for the Greek to be re-typed to use in e-mails etc. As an example, "Gr. νυμφαγωγός." copies and pastes as "Gr. numfagwgo/j."

Sorry to ask such a newbie questions.

God bless, Barry Drake.

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Brenton - and update to work.

Hi there .... Thanks for your encouragement. I now have several of the Brenton books updated to include the footnotes, and they are up on I am putting them into usfm format as this is what Michael Johnson is working with as a primary format. The books I have completed so far are Genesis, Numbers, Obadiah, Haggai and Malachi. I am well on the way with Proverbs. Michael is making use of my work a book at a time. I am waiting for my printed copy of Brenton to arrive in order to make some corrections where footnotes in the scans at CCEL are almost undecipherable. The book should be here next week.

My source for the footnotes is and so far I have produced very little that has not already been added to that page. When I get the hard copy, I'll be in a better position to continue.

Looking at the CCEL spec, I don't imagine it would take a lot of work to make a perl script to output good ThMl from the usfm files. I am using Chris Little's script to make the Sword module as I go. I am not proficient in perl, but am sure usfm2osis could easily be modified to output ThMl instead. I will have a go if all else fails, but it would be a struggle for me and very time consuming as I would in effect be learning perl.

How best can I help with the work?

God bless, Barry

Barry Drake MA - Retired URC minister.