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I've very recently registered because of a particular interest in the Brenton LXX The footnotes containing Greek text use the SPYonic font. Is this CCEL policy or something a bit more individualistic? I ask, because use of a UTF-8 font would allow the notes to be copied and pasted rathere than the need for the Greek to be re-typed to use in e-mails etc. As an example, "Gr. νυμφαγωγός." copies and pastes as "Gr. numfagwgo/j."

Sorry to ask such a newbie questions.

God bless, Barry Drake.

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I haven't done much in xml as yet - but am working well with usfm, which is an xml variant so I don't think I'll have a problem adapting. The scans of the pages are so poor I've given up on them and ordered a hard copy of Brenton with apocrypha. If Harry encourages it, I would like to work on the project.

God bless, Barry.

Barry Drake MA - Retired URC minister.