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I've very recently registered because of a particular interest in the Brenton LXX The footnotes containing Greek text use the SPYonic font. Is this CCEL policy or something a bit more individualistic? I ask, because use of a UTF-8 font would allow the notes to be copied and pasted rathere than the need for the Greek to be re-typed to use in e-mails etc. As an example, "Gr. νυμφαγωγός." copies and pastes as "Gr. numfagwgo/j."

Sorry to ask such a newbie questions.

God bless, Barry Drake.

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I take it from your post that you have experience in xml editing. I think the basic need is to get the whole document into the ThML format using an xml editor. This would, of course, include any Greek text in footnotes. The document, as it exists currently at CCEL, does not appear to be changeable. The normal information I find for most CCEL documents that I edit or proofread is not available on this one. If you bring up another document, you should see file format information on an introductory page, then proofreaders' controls at the bottom. Brenton lacks these on the English page and the Greek pages are obviously just page images.

Also, unlike most CCEL documents, this one is not downloadable, so I am trusting that Harry will be able to send you the file that it is generated from.

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