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I've very recently registered because of a particular interest in the Brenton LXX The footnotes containing Greek text use the SPYonic font. Is this CCEL policy or something a bit more individualistic? I ask, because use of a UTF-8 font would allow the notes to be copied and pasted rathere than the need for the Greek to be re-typed to use in e-mails etc. As an example, "Gr. νυμφαγωγός." copies and pastes as "Gr. numfagwgo/j."

Sorry to ask such a newbie questions.

God bless, Barry Drake.

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re: SPYonic

Thanks for that. Yes - I'm actually working with Michael on at the moment by putting the footnotes into his Brenton text and correcting errors against the Brenton scans on CCEL.

I have been trying to offer as a volunteer for the Brenton project. One thing I could quickly and easily do would be changing the Greek in the footnotes to UTF-8. I'd also happily continue the parts that are not yet completed. I've sent a couple of e-mails to the address given on the Brenton page - and so far had no reply.

I've also posted on the authors and books discussion forum, but only a short time ago. As the work I am doing is already being hosted on Michael's site in USFM and OSIS format, ThML should be an easy option!

If you can find me someone who can enable me to get involved I'd be really grateful.

God bless, Barry.

Barry Drake MA - Retired URC minister.