Righteousness in Christ

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I am interested in starting a discussion on righteousness and justification and have created free resources (text and audio) aimed at helping lay-people understand these crucial Christian subjects. It is not a scholarly or academic work, but aims to inform ordinary believers, using accesible language and concepts, the vital truths of their righteousness in Christ.

With this in mind, I'd like to discuss what other believers, ministers and clergy (from varying theological and denominational persuasions) feel are the critical subjects that must be explained and 'unpacked' to help Christians understand and apply righteousness and justification truths.

I would be grateful for any input forum members are available to provide.

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Righteousness in Christ

Brett the topic of righteousness in Christ is significant to us today, and a topic many new Christians are simply not being taught. The concept of atonement thru the Bible is missing sorely today. I know many people, for example, from the self described "emerging" or "emergent" churches that do not understand the "scarlet thread" thru the entire Bible. With the Cross as the line of demarcation, failure to appreciate the flow between Old and New testaments causes a failure to connect to the Savior in the fullest of ways.

Many disciples of our Savior are part of churches that take a Marcion-like approach to scripture thus neglecting a full understanding and appreciation of concepts like atonement. I have met young Christians who were not new converts who were appalled at readings from the book of Hebrews and some versions of scripture are replacing the concept of the Blood of Christ so the idea is conveyed that His blood cleanses us from Sin is replaced with His death and life cleanse us from Sin. Again as an example, of course, the latter idea is technically correct as far as it goes, but understanding Hebrews thru Calvary back to the Pentateuch (for example) is a vision that continues to bring fuller appreciation of what my sins cost our Savior.

In Christ,

Dan Fugett, Sr Moderator