Righteousness in Christ

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I am interested in starting a discussion on righteousness and justification and have created free resources (text and audio) aimed at helping lay-people understand these crucial Christian subjects. It is not a scholarly or academic work, but aims to inform ordinary believers, using accesible language and concepts, the vital truths of their righteousness in Christ.

With this in mind, I'd like to discuss what other believers, ministers and clergy (from varying theological and denominational persuasions) feel are the critical subjects that must be explained and 'unpacked' to help Christians understand and apply righteousness and justification truths.

I would be grateful for any input forum members are available to provide.

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My understanding

It was my understanding when I read this that Brett wants input on thoughts and topics he should cover in his blog. I checked it out, using the supplied link, and I see that Brett is attempting to make a very thorough study of righteousness and justification, especially "in Christ," at his site. If my understanding is correct, I think this is the appropriate forum. If the idea is to discuss/debate interdenominational theology regarding these two theological terms here at CCEL, then I would think that Jeff's suggestion about the "Interdenominational" forum would be correct. However, I'm going to pass the buck, Jeff, and suggest that Dan should be the final authority on it. It's certainly a case of overlapping forum interests.

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