Jeremiah 31:31 and Matthew 5:17 Torah as Law/guidance

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I have recently started to deepen my studies of Gods word and have run up against a couple walls that I am looking for guidance from some more mature christians.
Jeremiah talks about a new covenant however my understanding is that there are two words in hebrew that are suggested, the first means new as in somthing different and the other means new as in renewed, can someone with a better understanding of Hebrew give insight. The differences seem to come from christian greek interpretation and the Jews and messianic Jewish views of the relevance of Torah to the believer.

Matthew 5:17 speaks coming to fulfill which some argue means to abrogate and others suggest it means to fill up/give a fuller meaning to.

What I am really trying to sort out in my mind is what value is the Law given at Sinai to the christian today, I don't personally see how it can be abrogated when Paul states that it is still useful for teaching, instructing etc and also have a hard time (in my own minds thoughts) of understanding how somthing God set down as a standard would no longer apply. (Please do not misinterpret this as a way of salvation, but as a way of living for God)

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Thank you

Thank you Jeff,

I tracked down some of the older discussions on this subject, after reading your other posts they make perfect sense to me, I wonder if I might propose the fact that the benefit of the law is still to bring people to Christ, to make people (specifically non christians) aware of sin and their inability to keep the Law of God perfectly and quite possibly the futility of trying to do such as then they are trying to live in their own righteousness(letter of the law).
I think what Paul is getting at is that yes the Law is Holy, and in Timothy he speaks well of it as a good source for teaching, rebuking and instructing etc, but also consistantly reinforces the fact that the New covanent in Christ follows the Royal Law(the spirit of the law) which is to be understood as the law of love, perhaps we could even call it the law of relationship or in one word (faith)...(which is an active word, not passive).

I really appreciated your answer and felt a kindred spirit as if you were expressing my heart, thank you again.

I believe that that is the freedom we have in Christ, I think that Hebrews speaks more of the new covenant with regards to Christ as our eternal High Priest and also as the sacrifice (blood) both of which are greater than the prievious which was merely a shadow of the things to come. I believe that looking at it this way we see also that Paul is not conflicted and can indeed say that the law is both good and bad on the surface. I wonder if He is really saying we don't need to live by the letter of the law but it is of inherant value as instructions for our good. He encourages us to love as love fulfills the law, but again, lets not forget that love is not our own manmade construct of what is right and wrong in servitude to God and man but what Almighty God has presented to us as appropriate and therefore Christ "fulfilling" the law in my understanding would mean to fillup by both living it in perfect obedience to the spirit of the law not just the letter but also to teach us the true meaning of the law which is what God had always intended (circumcision of the heart) where the heart is the seat of our thoughts, will, emotion, path, moral compass.

As I pondered this last evening I put this interpretation against the entire scriptures and I believe it clearly to me shows that from Adam and Eve who were in a love relationship of obedience to God broke that through rebellion, up til Noah we see good and bad relationships with Almighty God, some are rebellious and some are obedient but always through Faith, as it is the faith that determines the actions and direction which one takes. At Noah we clearly see that although God is still holding out the offer of love in relationship man is so base that every thought is evil and grieves God to the point of destroying the earth save noah and family.
Push forward and it is relationship through faith in the patriarchs and then into Moses and Israel once again, it was not that following the law saved them but it was the faith in following, walking and therefor entering relationship with God on his terms that saved, once again we see both good and bad relationship on the part of Israel. We consistantly see through the prophets that it is relationship with God that He desires and obedience is the action of faith and rebellion is clearly adultery in Gods eyes. In the Law and prophets and I believe even in the patriarchs we see shadows of Gods wonderful plan that even amazes the angels. This law of commandments written on tablets of stone were never able to save, they were a matter of faith and when broken showed our inability to keep Gods Law perfectly(break one, you are guilty of all). Now we see clearly that this new covenant that Jeremiah speaks of clearly demonstrates that God still wishes to put the law in our hearts which would constitute obedience but not in the letter but in spirit and truth. Paul also confirms this by saying and now a righteousness from God....

To summerize I believe that it is this Royal law, law of love is completely able to fulfill the righteous requirement of the law and the perfect sacrifice is able to take away the curse of the law which now results only in freedom for the believer but also hope for the entire world, even the orthodox Jews who are so zealous for the law but live by the letter and miss the spirit of love and openess that God has created through Christ Jesus, He has taken away that which seperated Jew and Gentile (circumcision of skin) and made it a circumcision of the heart and Christ also gave us all access equally to God the Father through His atoning blood, so that we all may now approach the holy of holies and draw near to our God in Relationship and love.

I do not claim to have the only answer to this relationship between old and new but I believe the Spirit of God has opened my eyes by using this community of believers and so I give Glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and our Lord Jesus the Christ.
Where does this leave us, I think it leaves us with the ability to love freely without the need to compare ourselves with each other, we are to love and enjoy our relationship with God and to serve others in love....this as Jesus said, sums up the law and the prophets.