Jeremiah 31:31 and Matthew 5:17 Torah as Law/guidance

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I have recently started to deepen my studies of Gods word and have run up against a couple walls that I am looking for guidance from some more mature christians.
Jeremiah talks about a new covenant however my understanding is that there are two words in hebrew that are suggested, the first means new as in somthing different and the other means new as in renewed, can someone with a better understanding of Hebrew give insight. The differences seem to come from christian greek interpretation and the Jews and messianic Jewish views of the relevance of Torah to the believer.

Matthew 5:17 speaks coming to fulfill which some argue means to abrogate and others suggest it means to fill up/give a fuller meaning to.

What I am really trying to sort out in my mind is what value is the Law given at Sinai to the christian today, I don't personally see how it can be abrogated when Paul states that it is still useful for teaching, instructing etc and also have a hard time (in my own minds thoughts) of understanding how somthing God set down as a standard would no longer apply. (Please do not misinterpret this as a way of salvation, but as a way of living for God)

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