Is mellenium on earth, a concept from Zoroastrianism?

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(1) Is mellenium on earth, a concept found in Judaism and Christianity?

(2) Is the concept transferred from Zoroastrianism? If so, Are there any historical evidences for proof?

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The Jewish and Christian Faith Have a Sabbath Reign of 1000 Year

Brother Wong,

I believe that there is a understanding in both Jewish, Christian and Zoroastrian Belief that goes back to the time of Cyrus The Great and at The Citadel of Shushan in Suza. This was when all of Mystics were under one head in Leadership of The Government of Persia. This is where The a Jewish Belief System with ONE G-d, Yahweh. The Persian Empire did have a pluralistic form of many different gods, but this was at the time of The Prophet Daniel, who was taken from Jerusalem unto Babylon, and later on to Shushan. This was the only time that both religions were together and were learning the different things about each other Faith in ONE Supreme G-d, but called by different names. The Zoroastrian Magi were place together with Daniel, and other Israelites Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, from their walk with G-d in The Fiery Furnace of Babylon. All of that Fire Walking was in the Service of The Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar before The Persian Emperor Cyrus Diplomatically formed his Persian Empire.

The 1000 year Rule and Reign of The Jewish Messiah that takes place in the last 1000 years of Time. That would be based on a Lunar Calendar and would start The 7th 1000 year period in Time, as a Sabbath Millennium in Time on Earth.

However, I do not believe this is a hand-me-down Understanding, but a Jewish Understanding that The Magi of Zoroastrianism had learned while being with Daniel and the other Israelites at Shushan, at The Persian Citadel. The Magi also knew when Yeshua/Jesus was born, King of The Jews and paid Him Homage and gave Him great Wealth in gifts. So really there is no debate about who was learning from who.

I hope this will help you in your discovery. Try to read The Book of Daniel first to get the first hand information. Esther, a Jew was The Persian Queen during this same Time Period. She also had a Persian Son that was also a Jewish by birth. So a Jewish Son of Esther ruled Persia. These Kings are know as The Achaemenid Era in Persia.

Shalom, Lee...