Acts: Chapter 2:7-11

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How many language were spoken on 'The Day of Pentecost? My main text in college list 13, the Book itself lists about 17? Can anyone give me a definite number???...Vivian

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Number of languages


It would be almost impossible to know precisely how many languages were spoken by the hearers, even with the listing of the nations they came from and the note that they heard the message in their own languages. To guess at the number, one must assume that no two nations spoke the same language, and that each nation had only one language. Not being a history buff in the area of languages, I don't know what the details are in either of those two assumptions. But let me illustrate my point from the modern world. How many languages are represented if one speaks of people being from China? Although China (according to my understanding) has one written language, there are several regional dialects. I stood and watched two people from China communicate one day. They both knew English, but they were attempting to communicate in Chinese. Since they were from different areas of China, one of them sometimes wrote the written character on her arm to get her point across. A similar situation, even more different, exists in Vietnam. There is a Vietnamese language, and then are numerous tribal languages which are very different. On the other hand, there are countries that share languages, such as French and German, which both cross national boundaries in Europe.

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