Matt 6:12: Is our forgiveness from God and our forgiveness of others reversed?

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I heard a person explain today that in Matt 6:12 the early church had reversed the subject verse and placed "our" request for forgiveness from God ahead of our forgiveness of others. It originally would have read ""as we forgive our debtors, forgive us our debts." He referenced some early documents, including some early Armenian scriptures. I can't find anything relating to his comments..........anyone got any ideas or references?

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Calvin on Matthew


If you haven't used the search capabilities to find numerous commentaries in CCEL on Matthew 6:12, you might want to do that.

An interesting comment is made by John Calvin in his commentary on Matthew. He explains away the conditional nature (you will be forgiven only if you forgive) of Matthew 6:12, and then skips over Matthew 6:14-18 without comment. Perhaps he thought this was not part of the original text, although I do not know of any basis for such an assumption. Most commentaries agree that Jesus explains verse 12 in verses 14-15.

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