Matt 6:12: Is our forgiveness from God and our forgiveness of others reversed?

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I heard a person explain today that in Matt 6:12 the early church had reversed the subject verse and placed "our" request for forgiveness from God ahead of our forgiveness of others. It originally would have read ""as we forgive our debtors, forgive us our debts." He referenced some early documents, including some early Armenian scriptures. I can't find anything relating to his comments..........anyone got any ideas or references?

Blessings, Michael

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The original New testament

The original New testament bible is Aramaic before it became in Greek manuscript. There are terms in Greek that have no English equivalent like the word "our" in "as we forgive our debtors, forgive us our debts." Notice that this passage is written in two cases of Nouns in Greek grammar (hermeneutics). The first "'our" is in nominative plural case (originally "ta" in Greek and the second "our" is in Dative plural case (originally "tois" in Greek). If you have Greek NT you'll find it. Therefore, since it is both in plural form then they came up with the word "ours".