God Created Adam Sin-ful

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Pretty bold statement. But before summarily discarding what I said I want to inform you that I have not read or studied this question from other resources. This is entirely my conclusions after looking at the Scripture and reasoning this out on my own (Isa. 1:18 ).
First, I agree that there is only One God, that there is none like Him, and He gives His glory to no one (1 Sam. 2:2). I also agree that God Himself is the standard by which everything and everyone is judged "against." I believe that there are no degrees of holiness, or righteousness, and even sin. One either has the Holy Spirit or they don't (Rom. 8:9). There is no such thing as half-pregnant.
I also accept the Biblical definition of sin is literally, "to miss the mark." What is the "mark?" The answer is the glory (and perfection) of God (Rom. 3:23). I also believe that God cannot reduplicate or transfer His glory to another without a Mediator. I believe that this realm we exist in of universe, matter, TIME and space, etc., was created by God in order to "mediate" His glory of holiness and righteousness, etc., into His elect man through His Son, Jesus Christ. I also understand the Doctrine of Imputation as mentioned in 2 Corinthians 5:21 is a nature-swap. Christ is imputed our sin-ful (missing the mark) nature, and we are imputed His righteous nature:

2 Corinthians 5:21 (KJV)
21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

I also believe that when God created the man from the dust of the ground that the image of God was the Son. What better image of a Father is there than a Son? I am assisted also in the knowledge and Scripture that we are being conformed into the image of Christ (Rom. 8:29), not the image of Adam. I believe God was looking at the new man, the hypostatic union, when He created the man from the dust of the ground. I also believe that Revelation 13:8 provides insight that before a righteous God can create an unrighteous being (man) that there was atonement made "from [before the foundation (creation) of the world."

The only way God can create an unrighteous (sin-ful) being was through atonement before He created heaven, earth, and man. Since God cannot reduplicate Himself in Himself that the universe was created in order for Him to bring about His plan for man.

I believe.

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God created Adam with eternal life?

Hi Brethren Greeting in the name of the Lord.

Brother lets consider another possibility here and flip the coin somewhat. Firstly there are some sources that imply that Adam was made with everlasting life. Calvin makes mention of this be it ever so briefly in early sections of the institutes. See the creation of Adam and so forth. An excellent work was done by Dr CR Vaughan entitled "Gifts and Works of the Holy Spirit" but yet again and briefly so CV Vaughan proposes that Adam was with immortality then morality due to the fall and loss of the Holy Spirit.

The braveness and the boldness of your hypothesis is to be commended as this is the "elephant in the room " when it comes to the Edenic couple and much evangelical preaching today. Rather than condemn the hypothesise consider the flip side "What if Adam did have everlasting life"; "What if creation was likewise endowed in an everlasting state"; "What if good means 'good as to state' not merely good as to morality and very good is likewise similar"

Jumping to the other end of the scale and seeking a definition for the Gospel, which we find in the prophet Ezekiel when asked by Y'hweh "can these dry bones live?" We find in this the fundamental definition of the Gospel of Yeshua H' Mashiach (Jesus Christ) viz; the dead rise. It is written "I AM the way the truth and the life" and yet again "all die in Adam and all are made alive in Christ but each to his own order".

It is thought that man's signature problem is "sin" this word is from the Latin root of the third declension "sontis" implying "guilty" most dictionaries carry the word "sons" as the root. The New Testament Greek texts us the word "amartia" a noun nominative case female, and it is carred in all four cases of the noun and around 20 verbal conjuguations. The word implies a fault or an error and this is the NT context. The idea of "missing the mark" is the idiomatic phrase. As you have asked "what was missed?" simply expressed "everlasting life and the tree of life". Having missed this mark the Gospel has footing in the second (last) Adam Yeshua.

The logic is straight forward as it is written "He is the life and the light of all men" and by contrast Adam was "the death and the darkness of all men" as it is written "were as by one man sin (as the curse) entered the cosmos and death through or by the curse enter into all human kind" as it is written, "In the day you eat of you will die to be dying". The double Hebrew verbs muth thamuth are defined firstly the perfect "die" then the imperfect "continuing to die"

Turning to Revelation 21-22 we find the new creation and the New Jerusalem no longer any night and no division of the light, and no more sea. The antitheses of the genesis type. The creation of Gen 1-2 is prototypical but none the less in eternal life just the same. The purpose was to head up all things in Mesiah as opposed to Adam of the earth. The scriptures are abundantly clear that creation and the man Adam were eternal after the image of Elohim. But there is much here to consider.

Scripture a firms in word and also by implication that Genesis 1-2 is an eternal order that is cursed and de-created to death.
To the hebrew mind in the Spirit, "unclean" is "mortally unclean" but to those still under Law it is "moral cleaness",this was the error of the Pharisee.

Much to discuss on this subject
Regards in Christ