Parallels Between Josiah and Christ

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I've been reading about King Josiah and began thinking, I never hear sermons on him or how he is a reflection of Christ. I haven't studied much about him except for what we find in scripture, but I was wondering if anyone saw any glaring parallels between he and Christ to get me started...


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Research suggestion

If you type "Josiah like Jesus" or something similar in the "Search" box to the right of the "Store" box above, you should find numerous listings that may help with your study. For example, one such listing should be:,like,jesus#highlight. Quite a ways down on this page (NPNF-213, by Schaff), you will find several ways "Aphrahat the Serian Sage" concluded Josiah was similar to Jesus in his kingly activities.

Best wishes in your search for truth in this interesting area of study.

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