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Hello all,

Say, I have a question about the Early Church Fathers CD. Here's the description of the DVD:

"The Early Church Fathers series is comprised of thirty-seven volumes of the most important writings of the first 500 years of the church, as well as a copy of the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible. To this is added the Apostolic Fathers in Greek, the Summa Theologica and other works of St. Thomas Aquinas, Deane's Pseudepigrapha, and other works by Athanasius, Augustine, Boethius, Irenaeus, Origen, and Salvian, in one convenient download. The powerful software in this download also makes it possible to search the entire library for words, phrases, and scripture references and to install additional books from the CCEL via the Internet."

My first question is how is it the CD states its the Early Church Fathers but then adds that it also includes "To this is added . . . Irenaeus, Origen . . ." Shouldn't all of the writings of those tow have already been included as church fathers? (Is this an exhaustive compilation of church fathers writings?)

The next question is am I to understand that the included writings of the apostolic faters are in Greek and not English?

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While I can answer at least one of your questions, I do not have the DVD, so I can't answer your question about languages. "The Early Church Fathers" is the name of the 37-volume set by Philip Schaff. The listing of the individual writers does not mean that they are not early church fathers, but that their individual writings are also included as separate documents besides being found in the work by Schaff. In regards to "exhaustive," I note that the description says this DVD covers the "most important writings" of the first 500 years in Schaff's set. "Exhaustive" would suggest that ALL minor writings are included, which the description does not claim. Therefore, I believe it would not be considered exhaustive.

After looking at the page regarding this DVD, I would suggest you send your question directly to the CCEL Store. To do this, find the "contact us" link in the "CCEL Store Details" section near the bottom of the page describing the DVD, and click on it. This will send an e-mail to the store, and the store can reply by e-mail.

Best wishes for your continued study of our rich heritage.

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