What's your opinion on this? The strict Laws

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Hey everyone! I got a question I've been mulling over the last couple of days. It's about the laws given to the Jews at mount sinai, particularly concerning religious ceremonies.. Aaron as the priest was required to do a lot of things in preparation to becoming a priest. I don't quite understand what do these things signify..

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RE: ...preparation to becoming a priest.

Brother Timothy,

At Mount Sinai, where Moses was given The 10 Commandments/Precepts of G-d's Way, but also the entire Torah was given by G-d to Moses.

As for Aaron, the brother of Moses, G-d requires Holiness and Dedication to be apart of This Spiritual walk with G-d! The requirements of this daily walk with G-d, also required Him to live out a Righteous life in drawing Close to G-d and His Way of living in life.

The understanding is: To do all things G-d's Way, and not to do anything our way!

Shalom, Lee...