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I appreciate the great work you do in making some of the classics available. I am considering prepaying for a year's worth of your library, but I don't know which books are available. How can I learn that?

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What books

Good evening, Goalsetter,

It's really very easy to find out what is available. First, click on "Browse"; this gives you the choice of browsing by Title, Author, or some other methods. Title and Author would be the two most convenient and likely choices. Let's assume you browse by Author to begin. Select any letter of the alphabet and click on it. You will find a list of all of the authors in the library with a last name (or only name in some cases) beginning with that letter. Click on the "+" sign by a name and all of that author's books will be listed. Have fun browsing.

Also, please keep in mind that you can download in several formats at no cost. Only certain versions of books are pay-for.

Try this for a training exercise, and then you'll have the hang of it.
1. "Browse"; "Authors"; "Augustine"; "City of God." This should give you the title page of "City of God."
2. Now, notice in the upper left-hand corner an icon that looks like an outline. Click on this icon.
3. The first thing listed is "Book information page." Click on it.
4. Now you see what is free and what is pay-for. I am assuming you live in the United States and are using an American server. If you are overseas, you may see some items listed as free and then run into a price on the next screen. CCEL is currently trying to correct this problem.
5. You will see that all books can be read on-line free. PDF books should also always be listed as free.

I hope this helps.

Blessings in your studies,

Dave S.
Senior Moderator, Volunteers for Proofreading
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