what would jesus say to unbelievers who call him intolerant of their beliefs?

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in a social network i post various scriptures and there are a couple of handfuls of people who appreciate it, but there are double if not triple the people who dispute and are angry calling christians intolerant and hypocrites. i didnt know how to respond to that critism.

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Jesus' attitude toward the hostile

Praise the Lord that you are open and bold enough about your faith to share with the public. This involves some risk and potential for rejection and bad reactions. In America, I have found that the persecution and hostility is much more subtle and under the surface than say a country where there is no religious freedom. But even so, quite often people express the misconceptions and prejudices that mostly our national media has propagated and encouraged. Maybe your social network has a lot of folks who never were exposed to Christianity or have gotten their information about the Church and the Bible from the wrong sources. These kinds of people may be the ones who are the most likely to convert to Christianity if they can overcome their preconceived notions and bias. This is your opportunity to show them you are not angry or hateful because they despise you but the opposite; ask God to let the love of Christ flow out of you and do not react. Pray for them. Sometimes, if people can get past their anger, all they really want is for someone to talk to and that will listen to them about their lives and problems. Ask them why they are upset with you or if there is something you can help them with. Recently, I had a neighbor who was a heavy drinker and very abusive toward me saying vicious things about me to others that were totally untrue. I put up with a lot of this kind of behavior for some time but never gave in to show hatred in return. I prayed for him regularly and took every chance I got to demonstrate Christ's love in helping him and giving him food and honest counsel. Well, after patiently enduring this situation for almost two years he decided to quit drinking and has become a Christian. Now he is a sweet, gentle man and a good friend. Jesus said if the world hated Him it would hate us. Do not be surprised by the reaction you get sometimes; it is usually just Satan trying to intimidate you into giving up. Keep showing them the truth of the word of God and study apologetics to answer their objections. You are doing the right thing so hang in there sister and keep your chin up. Our culture indoctrinates people into thinking we are intolerant and hypocrites because if they accepted our faith then they would have to do something about the sin in their lives. This is a cop out and a classic tactic to avoid responsibility for obeying God's laws. Be persistent and you will bear fruit. Do not let them accuse you falsely; you are not the one at fault. They are opposed to God and they will have to answer to Him. You are already doing your part; let God do the rest and deal with them. God bless you mighty servant of the Lord,

Tom Groeneman