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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for responding to my question concerning the continuation of this study.

We will continue, and I will do a new post after Thanksgiving, November 26, 2012. Enjoy this week with your family and friends.

May God Bless You. May His Face Shine upon you. May He keep you safe during this Holiday seasons.

Love you and praying for you.

Pastor Cynthia

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mark 1;11-13

The other Gospels give details of the ways in which the enemy tested jesus, it is enough for Mark to show that the enemy did not defeat him . In the sense, this first victory over the enemy is what jesus shows all through his ministry , by driving out demons , healing the sick , most of all rescuing the prisoners of the enemy through preaching the good news . In that same sense , the evanglism of jesus is truly power evangelism ,but the power is always the cross and the good news. read from the 21st edition new bible commentary