Jesus Baptism

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As we study this Chapter, think about your experience with the Holy Spirit. We need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to do ministry in the Kingdom of God. Every persons called by God should want His POWER to minister in the Kingdom of God.

Mark 1:10-11

As Jesus came up out of the water, he saw the heavens splitting apart and the Holy Spirit descending on him like a dove. And a voice from heaven said, "You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy."

Christ calls and insists that a person accept His call, and Christ does not back down.

Note four facts:
1.A person may feel unworthy and lacking in ability, but Christ has both the power and gifts to enable the person to accept His call.
2.A sense of unworthiness and inability is understood by God, but refusal is not.
3.Christ accepts only one answer to His Call: “Yes, Lord-Here am I”.
4.Yield to accept the task or gift.

The unusual signs of Jesus baptism.

The heaven were opened. This may be a scene of the clouds being rolled back and the dove descending from the heavens (cloud and sky). The Spirit descended like a dove. The dove was given to John as a special sign that Jesus was the Son of God.

Thought: Signs in Jesus ministry were given to stir belief (John 5:36;20:38). Most believers can point to very special signs and circumstances that were given by God to stir their faith and give directions to their lives.
The voice of God was heard.

Three significant things are said here.
1.My Son: this points to the deity of Christ. (Mt.14:33)
2.Beloved Son: this points to the love within the Godhead (trinity). (John 3:35)
3.Well Pleased: this points to the perfect life Jesus lived. He was "Yet without sin". (Hebrew 4:15)

We should expect God to open heaven up to us and gives us a very special sense of His presence, a sense of His presence, a sense of His approval, a sense of pleasing Him.

NOTE: The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in “ a bodily shape like a dove”. The dove was a sacred bird to the Jews. It was a symbol of peace and gentleness, of purity and innocence, but even more significant it was often identified with the Spirit of God. When the dove descended upon Jesus it symbolized the Spirit of God Himself descending upon Jesus. He was descending upon Jesus to identify Jesus as the Messiah and to endure Jesus with the Power of God. The Holy Spirit entered the life of Jesus once for all, permanently and powerfully, in His full manifestation and unlimited power.

Tell us about your experience when God called you and gave you an assignment.