John Calvin Murder?

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I have been reading that John Calvin is a murder... Does anyone know of a realable source that I can read to find information on this? What I have found thus far is two interperation on this topic, I want to read a primary source.

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RE: primary readings


Wishing you the best in attempting to find "primary readings" regarding this. Since the accusation of murder is considerably more recent, you may have some difficulty. (The oldest book I have found on the subject is 1772 and the action was in the 1500s.) However, there should be something. Keep in mind that they will probably be in Latin or German, since what we have in English are translations many years later or comments by later people.

You might want to search Here's one possible reading of interest from a book of the life and memoirs of Jean Calvin (John being the English version of later years). There is a tab to select "Free" books. I recommend use of this filter to avoid newer books

If you find that book in the Google library, the subject of Michael Servetus occurs on numerous pages. In Google books, once you have a book open, there is a search box in the left column to search the book. Search for "Servetus" and a bunch of pages will list. Click on a page number to see the whole page and read the text.

Another link based on a Google books search for Servetus:

This latter one takes the critical side and is a book dealing with the subject of Calvin and Servetus.

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