Footnotes questions

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1) In a book I am currently editing I have footnotes that "spill" over to a second page. Do I add ALL of the footnote text to the first appearance of the [^x]: tag? Or, do I duplicate the [^x]: tag on the next page like the page scan shows?

2) In a footnote that I'm currently editing a paragraph break takes place. But, the indent does not automatically occur. I have to add multiple   tags to the beginning of the paragraph to create this effect. Is this the correct approach?


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Once again, because of the one chapter becomes one page factor, I would suggest you treat footnotes as single entities.

Numerous styles occur in making online documents here at CCEL. Some are very complicated, while some are fairly simple. I would suggest that whatever works for you on the paragraph breaks and gets the right appearance is the way to go.

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