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Hello Everyone!

I trust you have a wondered Labor Day holiday. Some of you are probably rejoicing because the kids are back in school.(LOL)

Well, WELCOME! to the Book of Mark Bible Study. The Book of MIRACLES! During our study together, let's come to the Word of God prayerfully and with expectations that God is going to Bless us and our family. I have asked God to bless everyone that joins us on this journey, and to meet us each time we open the pages of this ancient manscript. As we study together, let's pray one for another that God move miraculous in our life.

So let us get started. But first let us pray:

Heavenly, Father, your Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Guide us
into the truth of your Word. Open our eyes and heart for understanding and wisdom.
In Jesus Name. Amen

I am going to start out discussing the Background History (Introduction, and the man John Mark.

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this study

I am slowly working my way through the unfamiliar (to me) process of reading, absorbing and responding. My most serious problem is that I cannot access (thus far)any stream of instruction or reaction beyond the promise to discuss "Background History(Introduction) the man John Mark". If this has been previously submitted for our consideration, I cannot find it. AS one new to this, can I get improved direction? Thanks Jon Elvrum