A little misleading

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I found your site as I was looking for a study on Romans and found your Newell book. One format, epub says free but when clicked it is certainly not free as it leads to a page that requires a $2.99 fee. I have absolutely no problem paying for resources, and 3 bucks is nothing at all for such a book, but it shouldn't be listed as free. This isn't discovered until after one registers for the website and that feels deceptive to me.

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I do hope my intention was

I do hope my intention was clear:
-to describe point by point what a new user is SEEING in response to links in your own materials. This is a serious matter of appearances: CCEL is presenting something very different than is claimed. Answers to the questions raised appeal to intent. Those who think "bait and switch" then leave without comment never know anything of your intent, but will remember what they encountered on your website.

My own reaction was to be surprised, because your APPEARANCE is so at odds with other Christian websites, Project Gutenberg, the Internet Archives, etc. Digital access to uncopyrighted material from Bibles to full commentaries IS always free in my experience, servers being supported by the site's commercial interests, donations, and volunteerism. With CCEL, registration is required to even browse, then a bill of sale presented at the last moment after displaying an array of icons for file formats plainly indicating the resource is free. I couldn't believe this is what was intended, so I took the time to write. If you don't see how bad this looks, then we're entirely at cross-purposes, instead of the purposes of the cross. I don't know what more I can possibly say about any of this.