A little misleading

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I found your site as I was looking for a study on Romans and found your Newell book. One format, epub says free but when clicked it is certainly not free as it leads to a page that requires a $2.99 fee. I have absolutely no problem paying for resources, and 3 bucks is nothing at all for such a book, but it shouldn't be listed as free. This isn't discovered until after one registers for the website and that feels deceptive to me.

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re: "a lie"


To lie is generally considered to involve intent to deceive. Let me assure you that this is absolutely not what is occurring at CCEL. Over the years, the intent has been to offer a Christian library at little or not cost to readers. For several years, if a computer crashed, there were no funds to replace the computer, and Harry begged for funds to replace it. Eventually, three ways to accumulate funds were implemented: (1) donations gladly accepted, (2) donations accepted on an annual basis making unlimited downloads available to the donor, and (3) sale of documents at very reasonable prices. Recognizing that many readers in third world countries are unable to afford even CCEL's small prices, and wanting the documents in the hands of believers around the world, the download is offered in foreign countries free.

There is not intent to deceive, and I'm not sure how some people in the US get foreign screens; but the intent of CCEL is that anyone in the US should see the appropriate scrren.

I will try to get someone to specifically check the problem you mention in the February newsletter.

Dave S.
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