A little misleading

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I found your site as I was looking for a study on Romans and found your Newell book. One format, epub says free but when clicked it is certainly not free as it leads to a page that requires a $2.99 fee. I have absolutely no problem paying for resources, and 3 bucks is nothing at all for such a book, but it shouldn't be listed as free. This isn't discovered until after one registers for the website and that feels deceptive to me.

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As the ways of the world?

As with the two comments above, which seemed to receive no response, your practice troubles me. I am also new to CCEL.

This link in the 02.01.13 newletter: ccel.org/ccel/macdonald/unspoken3 leads to a page offering the epub as a free download. A click on that icon leads to a demand for payment. The link to the Kindle version results in Amazon's denial that there is such a page on their site.

The comments above were posted many months ago, yet there is no public response evident. It's very difficult to believe that to say one thing and do another (the ways of the world) is an intention you let stand without comment if you mean to exhibit Christian integrity.

Is this unlike what the Bible calls a lie?

As with the earlier comment, I am willing to pay for resources. However, I am not willing to be manipulated in a manner consistent with spammers and junk mailers. I'd like to know what's going on.